Get Back to Nature is a design that uses rough paper edges and and grungy textures to create a unique and artistic theme. Its earthy colors in shades of yellow, brown and green, give the design a feel of a sunrise/sunset.

The design features a top horizontal menu, centered logo and white content area. The footer is a nature scene with mountains, deer’s and grass.

This design is suited for a portfolio, artist, children, illustrator, author or any creative industry.

Files Included:

I’ve included six photoshop files with this theme:

  1. Sliced – The main layout, including slices to help you build it.
  2. Files – listing of products for sale
  3. Contact – Form & contact information
  4. bg_deer_mountain – the file you can save as a png to create the background
  5. bg_lines – the tiling image that will be your page background
  6. bg rays – the sun rays behind the logo

The photoshop files contains clearly named folders for each part of the website.

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