Delimondo 2.0 Photoshop Template:

“Delimondo 2.0 Restaurant PSD Template” is the perfect Photoshop template for all kinds of restaurants, Pizzerias, Cafés and Bars. The modern uncluttered design impresses with richness of detail, emotion and fun for Food & Cullinary.

Delimondo 2.0 contains 20 ready to use Photoshop Pages. It features 5 pretyled awesome “flavours” (Delimondo Main Theme, for any kind of restaurant looking for modern clean and tasty design. No ChumboWumbo just cullinary and style. Seafood, meant to be the perfect layout for all seafood related restaurants. Steak, is off course for any kind of business that sells meat like Steaks or Burgers or whatever. Pizza off course aims for any kind of Pizza Restaurant. And finally Cupcakes, this one aims for the sweet side in you. Promote any kind of Bakery or Patisserie with this tasty flavour.

  • 20 very unique and modern looking PSD pages ( Hit screenshots to see all pages and styles)
  • Different Header alternatives (centered)
  • Woocommerce Shopdesihn included. (Shop index / Product grid view/ Product list view/ Product detail / cart / checkout)
  • Paralax Onepager Versions and Multisites included
  • Designed with responsive (Tablett & Smartphone) in mind. Bootstrap Grid
  • Slider Concepts (Image Slider)
  • Logically named Groups, Folders and Layers
  • Detailed HowTo File
  • Quick and friendly support

Included Pages:

  • 01. delimondo_onepage
  • 02. seafood_onepage
  • 03. steak_onepage
  • 04. pizza_onepage
  • 05. cupcake_onepage
  • 06. about_us
  • 07. menucard
  • 08. gallery
  • 09. events
  • 10. blog
  • 11. blog_single
  • 12. contact
  • 13. book_a_table
  • 14. shop_index
  • 15. shop grid view
  • 16. shop list view
  • 17. shop product detail
  • 18. shop cart
  • 19. shop checkout

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