Our new music website concept is to offer a full entertainment experience, and this template for Photoshop contains the most important pages for any type of musician: from singers to djs or rock bands.

The name Fluid is inspired by a dream of fluidity and excellence in user interface, in fact this Photoshop template puts together micro interactions, music experience, material design and cross-device design.

Looking for the WordPress version of Fluid? It’s name is Kentha!

The PSD template consists in 7 templates:

  • 01 – HERO: Display in a 3d fashion an album cover with a play button
  • 02 – ALBUM: Carousel of music album with playlist on hover
  • 03 – PODCAST: Carousel of podcast containing tracklist on hover
  • 04 – EVENTS: Carousel of events with flyer in print proportion
  • 05 – BLOG: Carousel of news with preview
  • 06 – BOOKING: A page containing a contact form and alternative info
  • 07 – SIDEBAR: Nicely moove the page in 3d to reveal some contents underneath


Lovely is a soft pink and floral template featuring a long design, circle photos and banner flags buttons, with large clear images used in the blog & shop layouts. If you are looking for a pretty template to get your feminine website started this is it.

This design would suit any womens website, interior design, personal blog, children, baby, wedding, fashion, lifestyle, wellness, health, or florist.

Pages included:

  • Home
  • Shop
  • Blog
  • Contact


Cryptonit is a liquid basis of digital coins. The Photoshop Template to which you are now looking carefully crafted by experience designer with great attention to details, flexibility and performance specifically for developing unique HTML Templates and Themes based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Muse and other popular CMS.
This template is designed for websites of Crypto-currency, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), Cryptocurrency Blogs and News/Magazines about Digital Currencies. The template is also perfectly suited for websites of Analytical Agencies, Financial Companies, Consulting Organizations, Currency Traders and other companies related to Finance Transactions.

Cryptonit is a perfect choice for those who want to create a trendy and modern web-site for digital currency or ICO.


  • 40+ Unique Layouts
  • 8 Completly Different Home Pages
  • Clean and Simple Style
  • Trendy colors and gradients
  • 8 Trend Color Schemes
  • Dark and Light Pages
  • Design of All Necessary Modal Windows
  • 4 Header/Footer Styles
  • Based on a 12-column Bootstrap Grid
  • Design of Basic Crypto-Currency/ICO Widgets
  • WordPress Post Formats Design Layouts
  • Design of All Major WordPress Widgets
  • Well Organized Layers
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Easy to Use and Customize
  • Easy to Find Artboards, Folders, Layers, Symbols
  • Fully Customizable Symbols
  • Well Organized Layers
  • Free Google Fonts Used
  • Icons Provided by Font Awesome 5
  • Extended Typography for All Color Styles
  • Tested in Color Blindness Simulator
  • Design Meets the Requirements of WCAG 2


  • 01_Index_Azure.psd
  • 02_Index_Blue.psd
  • 03_Index_Green.psd
  • 04_Index_Gold.psd
  • 05_Index_Pink.psd
  • 06_Index_Black.psd
  • 07_Index_Purple.psd
  • 08_Index_Red.psd
  • 09_SmallTeam.psd
  • 10_BigTeam.psd
  • 11_Team_SinglePerson.psd
  • 12_ICO_Calendar.psd
  • 13_FAQ.psd
  • 14_FAQ_SinglePost.psd
  • 15_Partners.psd
  • 16_Features.psd
  • 17_About.psd
  • 18_Pricing.psd
  • 19_Contacts.psd
  • 20_Contacts_LargeMap.psd
  • 21_Blog_PostFormats.psd
  • 22_Blog_ListSidebar.psd
  • 23_Blog_MasonryGrid.psd
  • 24_Blog_FullWidth.psd
  • 25_Blog_SinglePost_Sidebar.psd
  • 26_Blog_SinglePost_FullWidth.psd
  • 27_News_SinglePost_Purple.psd
  • 28_News_SinglePost_Black.psd
  • 29_Blog_PostFormats_Aside.psd
  • 30_Blog_PostFormats_Gallery.psd
  • 31_Blog_PostFormats_Quote.psd
  • 32_Blog_PostFormats_Link.psd
  • 33_Blog_PostFormats_Image.psd
  • 34_Blog_PostFormats_Status.psd
  • 35_Blog_PostFormats_Video.psd
  • 36_Blog_PostFormats_Audio.psd
  • 37_Blog_PostFormats_Chat.psd
  • 38_Error.psd
  • 39_Offline.psd
  • 40_Coming soon.psd
  • 41_SignIn.psd
  • 42_SignUp.psd
  • 43_Reset password.psd
  • 44_TokenInfo.psd
  • 45_TokenPurchase.psd
  • 46_TokenSuccess.psd
  • 47_Subscribe.psd
  • 48_UnSubscribe.psd
  • 49_HeaderFooter_StyleA_Light.psd
  • 50_HeaderFooter_StyleB_Light.psd
  • 51_HeaderFooter_StyleC_Light.psd
  • 52_HeaderFooter_StyleD_Light.psd
  • 53_HeaderFooter_StyleA_Dark.psd
  • 54_HeaderFooter_StyleB_Dark.psd
  • 55_HeaderFooter_StyleC_Dark.psd
  • 56_HeaderFooter_StyleD_Dark.psd

Sections and Elements

  • Cryptocurrency Courses Table
  • Features Sections
  • Promotional Videos
  • Team Widgets
  • Advisors Sections
  • Timelines
  • Pie/Donut Charts
  • Counters
  • Subscribe Forms
  • Testimonials Secctions
  • Twitter/Instagram Widgets
  • Currency Graph
  • Split Sections
  • Tabs Widget
  • SignIn Forms
  • Token/Purchase Info
  • Dark/Light Quote Sections
  • ICO Rating
  • Raised Funds
  • ICO Milestones
  • Roadmap
  • Token Purchase Sections
  • Progressbars
  • Dark/Light Countdown counters
  • Cryptocurrency Excahnge
  • ICO Calendar
  • QR-code Donations Widget
  • Recent Comments
  • Recent Posts
  • Ad Units
  • etc…


Delimondo 2.0 Photoshop Template:

“Delimondo 2.0 Restaurant PSD Template” is the perfect Photoshop template for all kinds of restaurants, Pizzerias, Cafés and Bars. The modern uncluttered design impresses with richness of detail, emotion and fun for Food & Cullinary.

Delimondo 2.0 contains 20 ready to use Photoshop Pages. It features 5 pretyled awesome “flavours” (Delimondo Main Theme, for any kind of restaurant looking for modern clean and tasty design. No ChumboWumbo just cullinary and style. Seafood, meant to be the perfect layout for all seafood related restaurants. Steak, is off course for any kind of business that sells meat like Steaks or Burgers or whatever. Pizza off course aims for any kind of Pizza Restaurant. And finally Cupcakes, this one aims for the sweet side in you. Promote any kind of Bakery or Patisserie with this tasty flavour.

  • 20 very unique and modern looking PSD pages ( Hit screenshots to see all pages and styles)
  • Different Header alternatives (centered)
  • Woocommerce Shopdesihn included. (Shop index / Product grid view/ Product list view/ Product detail / cart / checkout)
  • Paralax Onepager Versions and Multisites included
  • Designed with responsive (Tablett & Smartphone) in mind. Bootstrap Grid
  • Slider Concepts (Image Slider)
  • Logically named Groups, Folders and Layers
  • Detailed HowTo File
  • Quick and friendly support

Included Pages:

  • 01. delimondo_onepage
  • 02. seafood_onepage
  • 03. steak_onepage
  • 04. pizza_onepage
  • 05. cupcake_onepage
  • 06. about_us
  • 07. menucard
  • 08. gallery
  • 09. events
  • 10. blog
  • 11. blog_single
  • 12. contact
  • 13. book_a_table
  • 14. shop_index
  • 15. shop grid view
  • 16. shop list view
  • 17. shop product detail
  • 18. shop cart
  • 19. shop checkout

Paper made is a design that is clean yet creative. Using rough edges, paper textures, pins and stationary to give the website a 3D feel. This design is ideal for a creative industry, school, children, portfolio, handmade products or artist.

There are 3 PSD files, a Home page design & inside page/services and contact us.

You have 4 Background options: – Blue & clouds – Plain grey – Dark blue texture – Brown Paper

The fonts used in this file are arial & Segoe Print both available standard with Windows Vista.

The content is organized into named folders, so you can create any custom content-layout you need using the shapes already in the design.

The design contains sections for: – Horizontal menu – Search box – 3 main services boxes – Contact information – jquery slider section in the header

Additional information: – Layout-wide is 940 px (optimized for 1024×768 screen resolution) – Icon sets are linked to in help file

Curvy & Clean is a design that is clean yet structured, it uses a wave/curve shape to breakout of the usual rectangle shaped website.

I chose a tourism website theme but the basic layout of the template can be used for any industry from business through to dating and lifestyle.

There are 4 PSD files:

  • Home page
  • Inside page
  • Contact us
  • Blank psd with just the basic layout.

The content is organized into named folders, so you can create any custom content-layout you need using the shapes already in the design.

The design contains sections for:

  • Vertical menu
  • Newsletter signup
  • Contact information
  • Animated banner on the home page

Additional information: Layout-width is 980px (optimized for 1024×768 screen resolution)


Trendy Kids is a vintage styled website with a modern twist.  It features a double lined border, teal background, mountains and deer.  This theme is perfect for any clothing store, toy shop, kids, family, creative, children’s or art themed website.  The vector background graphics are included and the fonts are freely available.  Easily change this design colour from grey & green to suit your business.

6 Page Layouts

  • Home
  • About
  • Blog
  • Shop
  • Gallery
  • Contact

4 Colour Options:

  • Green/Teal: Forest & Deer Details
  • Pink: Castle, clouds and unicorn Details
  • Blue: Forest & Deer Details
  • Brown/Tan/Neutral: Park, trees and kids jumping Details

I hope you enjoy this cute design that is sharp and modern.


Get Back to Nature is a design that uses rough paper edges and and grungy textures to create a unique and artistic theme. Its earthy colors in shades of yellow, brown and green, give the design a feel of a sunrise/sunset.

The design features a top horizontal menu, centered logo and white content area. The footer is a nature scene with mountains, deer’s and grass.

This design is suited for a portfolio, artist, children, illustrator, author or any creative industry.

Files Included:

I’ve included six photoshop files with this theme:

  1. Sliced – The main layout, including slices to help you build it.
  2. Files – listing of products for sale
  3. Contact – Form & contact information
  4. bg_deer_mountain – the file you can save as a png to create the background
  5. bg_lines – the tiling image that will be your page background
  6. bg rays – the sun rays behind the logo

The photoshop files contains clearly named folders for each part of the website.


Meesto is a modern eCommerce Template for Adobe Photoshop. Ideal for the Fashion eCommerce, Outlet, Wear Store, Food store, Pets-care store, Medical or Drug Store, Lingerie and Original Gifts stores and any related eCommerce websites.

This Photoshop template carefully crafted by experienced designers with great attention to details, flexibility, and performance specifically for developing unique HTML templates and themes based on WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and other popular CMS.

You can quickly change the color scheme of the site or configure different elements. In line with unique design, fresh color styles, the Meesto template comes with many features to enhance your online store: wishlist, advanced filter, zoom product image.

Meesto Photoshop Template is a perfect choice for those who want to create a trendy and modern website.

Features of the Meesto eCommerce Template

  • 8 Unique Photoshop layouts
  • Clean and Simple Style
  • Trendy colors and gradients
  • Based on a 12-column Bootstrap Grid
  • Well Organized Layers
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Easy to Use and Customize
  • Easy to Find Artboards, Folders, Layers, Symbols
  • Fully Customizable Symbols
  • Free Google Fonts Used
  • Tested in Color Blindness Simulator
  • Design Meets the Requirements of WCAG 2


  • 01_Home
  • 02_Items
  • 03_Item_page
  • 04_Checkout
  • 05_Shoping_cart
  • 06_Lookbook
  • 07_About
  • 08_My_account